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Integration and Performance

Kylie Cooper

B.S. in Aerospace Engineering & Mechanical Engineering, UC Davis, 2020

Kylie completed her B.S. at UC Davis, and is now pursuing her M.S. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering as part of the HRVIP team. During her undergraduate studies, she pioneered the development of the low-cost ADCS (Attitude Determination and Control System) for REALOP, UC Davis’ first satellite mission. She also spent a few years designing and building small aircraft to compete in the SAE Aero West Competition.

Outside of school, Kylie has experience working with energetics and thermal analysis for the aerospace industry. As a new product development intern for Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company, she supported the research and development lab with rocket nozzle sizing, mechanical design, and energetic qualification testing. At NASA’s Johnson Space Center, she supported the characterization & testing of thermal runaway in Li-Ion batteries through analysis of experimental data and automation of analysis procedures.

When she’s not sizing rocket nozzles or building satellites, Kylie enjoys escaping to the outdoors to hike and explore. Kylie is an avid swimmer, but she’s also walked on water a couple times (with the help of some creative engineering)!