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Aerospace STEM for Young Women (ASYW)

Aerospace STEM for Young Women (ASYW) is HRVIP's outreach program that aligns with the UC Davis College of Engineering's vision of "advancing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) literacy through a range of K-12 outreach programs." The mission of ASYW is to encourage young women to pursue their Aerospace STEM interests by providing role models and mentoring. ASYW is particularly interested to work with 5th grade students, as the 5th grade can be a critical year to prepare students to enter higher level STEM courses and maintain motivation in young women.

ASYW continues to support a range of annual activities as a member of the UC Davis community: More recently, ASYW has joined the SOAR (STEM Outreach for Academic Reinforcement) Program to participate in STEM-based classroom activities with 5th grade students throughout the academic year. SOAR is a partnership between the Aerospace Museum of California, Community Outreach Academy, and volunteers from the UC Davis Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ASYW, AIAA). Some recent activities include: