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Integration and Performance

Samuel Morice

B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC Davis, 2016

Samuel is currently working towards a M.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering. During most of his undergraduate career, Samuel enjoyed manufacturing and control systems, but he discovered his love of aerodynamics during his last undergraduate year. He worked two internships at Hunter Industries in San Marcos, CA that focused on machining, plastic injection molding, and plastic part design. Samuel’s interests include computational and experimental fluid dynamics, manufacturing, and mechatronics. He is working on viscous flow control for stall management using intelligent vortex generators, which combines all of his interests into one project. Samuel joined the HRVIP Lab during his last undergraduate quarter in order to get started on his Master’s thesis project. Other than engineering, Samuel likes hiking, rock climbing, caving, and blacksmithing. He also has his Class A skydiving license.